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August 6, 2019 
The 16th season of The Great River Shakespeare Festival is a wrap!  Each year this wonderful festival brings a tremendous amount of talent and culture to our little river town.  We enjoy seeing many repeat guests who come to Winona each season to enjoy these wonderful productions.  Likewise we love meeting new travelers each season who are enjoying the festival for the first time. 

This year, we were fortunate to be able to host an opening night champagne toast for Macbeth at The Carriage House.  Patrons of the production as well as members of the creative team and their families enjoyed light appetizers provided by Ground Round of Winona, and an elegant champagne toast to kick off the production.

The Carriage House is happy to provide an annual donation to this wonderful festival, and we look forward to contributing any way we can each season.  We cannot wait to see what 2020 brings, and we are already looking forward to celebrating the new season with our guests.

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Dining Room with people
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Counters with food
Imagining as well as preparing breakfast claims time both as an art and a science. Constructing seasonal menus with a strong focus on healthy yet delicious foods has transformed our B & B. The growing trend toward buying locally is smart, economical, and savvy. A tomato grown in our town will simply taste better than even the best organic tomato grown across the country. A hearty but not heavy breakfast better energizes us, so we function at our best all day. Along with these ideas, we like to surprise our guests with wonderful house-baked treats. I love cooking and enjoy the pleasure it brings to everyone who stays here.
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October 19, 2013 

Dancing on the Drive

On Friday, September 20th, the Carriage House ushered in the Autumnal equinox with Dancing on the Drive, an outdoor dance and social event. Carriage House guests, neighbors, friends, and a mix of owner and host Don's university economic students greeted the fall season energized by dancing and listening to big band, jazz, and rock-n- roll music while conversation flowed and appetizers passed freely as guests took a break from the floor.

Staff Preparations

Staff member Ethan worked lighting magic on the grounds in the days preceding the party by hanging lights, hauling tables and chairs, creating, along with the beauty of a starlit sky replete with full moon, an inviting, even romantic, atmosphere. Warm evening temperatures added another perfect dimension to the evening. Carriage House staff member Brianna helped to prepare luscious appetizers featuring skewered antipasto bites, Greek vegetable roll-ups, stuffed cherry tomatoes, and chili-cheese dip served on crostini.

Evening events

Party goers began the evening with a pre-party fox trot dance lesson on the drive, mastering the basic step and a few turns and spins. Along with the fox trot, dancers displayed some "mean" swing moves and even swept around the drive in a Viennese waltz. Don broke in his dancing shoes leading every woman present around the drive in a dance.

As if on cue as the party was winding down, a cool fall breeze picked up, and over-night temperatures dropped to remind us that beautiful fall colors are just around the corner. Inspired by the enthusiastic reception, we hope to turn Dancing on the Drive into a semi-annual event as we are already planning a spring celebration. 
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Couple dancing

Winona Area Fall Events 

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