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Niagara Cave

Niagara Cave gets its name from the magnificent Niagara waterfall, which is located inside the cave. This 60 ft. waterfall is rare because the Niagara Cave rests 200 feet below ground. Deep enough that the temperature is a solid forty-eight degrees all year round, guests follow a trail next to a small stream that leads them all the way to the waterfall.

Niagara Cave is listed as one of the top 10 caves to visit in the United States. The four hundred and fifty million-year-old limestone was carved into a cave by the erosion of an ancient river. The aging limestone is the result of plants and animals that became rock. Because of this, you can find fossils throughout the walls of the cave. Take a one-mile tour of the cave where they have the perfect views of typical stalactite and stalagmite formations on and walls and ceiling.

The coolest, and weirdest, feature of the cave is the crystal chapel. Over four hundred couples have been married in the cave's crystal chapel. The guest shop has multitudes of gems, fossils, and other one of a kind souvenirs. Visitors have said that the cave is accessible for all ages and is just a small decline down and a small incline up. The tour guides have been praised for being knowledgeable about the cave and being very friendly. The cave is very beautiful, but also chilly - be sure to bring a jacket!

Come visit the Niagara Cave, and the distinguished waterfall, for a day of unforgettable discoveries. 

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