B&B Blog

Something Old, Something New

After a couple of weeks trying to untangle the web, so to speak, our new website hit cyber space this morning.  Our fall and winter seasons produced a new look to the old face of things at the Carriage House.  Most consuming was the dining room restoration and instituting its companion our Artisan Breakfast--both with fabulous results.  Guest enjoy the light, cheerful atmosphere during breakfast while we've discovered the many uses and advantages of the 18' table-Don actually refers to it as The Table.  The dining room also has computer and internet capabilities, so we are offering it as a facility for club, board, or business meetings as well as a charming location for a bridal shower, birthday party, or other special event.  Contact us at (507) 452-8256 for rates and availability.  We recently hosted a Connect Winona meeting, utilized our media, served light morning fare, and relished the opportunity to gather with our fellow  members of Winona's fine hospitality base.


Imagining as well as preparing breakfast claims time both as an art and a science.  Constructing seasonal menus with a strong focus on healthy yet delicious foods has transformed our B & B. The growing trend toward buying locally is smart, economical, and savvy.  A tomato grown in our town will simply taste better than even the best organic tomato grown across the country.  A hearty but not heavy breakfast better energizes us, so we function at our best all day.  Along with these ideas, we like to surprise our guests with wonderful house-baked treats.  I love cooking and enjoy the pleasure it brings to everyone who stays here.